Wednesday 3/26

  • snatch @80% x2 x5
  • clean & jerk @80% x(2+1) x5
  • front squat @70% x2 x5
  • abs: athlete’s choice

Sign up here.

Yes, you are ready to compete. This is fun, local, and we hope to bring as many of you as possible. Sign up! The next training cycle is geared to peak for this meet.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday 3/26

  1. Snatches @ 67 kg x 2 x 5 – I kept jumping/catching the weight forward tonight

    Clean & Jerk @ 82 kg x 2 x 2, @ 80 kg x 2 x 3 – felt pretty good, however I feel as if I’m not dropping far enough under the bar

    Front Squat @ 82 kg x 2 x 5 – These felt great!

  2. Snatches @40
    CJ @50
    Front squat @80
    Roll Outs 3×10
    Was feeling kind of peppy tonight so I went heavier with the front squats.

  3. Snatches @55kgx2x5 – reduced early arm bend quite a bit (pull ups are definitely helping). Didn’t feel very strong in my catching position as my hips were bothering me. After looking at some footage, I’m thinking about “hips back” for the next workout. I realized I’m standing very tall when my hips meet the bar.

    C&J @65kg – Firstly, I did the workout incorrectly for half of my sets, I was doing 1 clean and 2 jerks. Most of the pulls felt pretty good, brought the bar deep into my hips with my lats, focused on not using my arms. The catch position felt pretty crappy, once again my hips were bothering me. Jerks also felt solid.

    Front squat @65kg – HIPS

    Accessory: Russian twists @45lb with kettlebell, V ups, pull ups

  4. Snatch at 80 felt great for a set and a half until my right knee started collapsing in and bouncing off the floor. finished at 70.

    (2 clean 1 jerk)x3 then (2 clean 1 push jerk)x3 at 90kg. cleans were all power.

    front squat 95kg.

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