Saturday 3/29

  • snatch @75% x2 x5
  • clean & jerk @75% x(2+1) x5
  • back squat 1-1-1

Sign up here.

Yes, you are ready to compete. This is fun, local, and we hope to bring as many of you as possible. Sign up! The next training cycle is geared to peak for this meet.

One thought on “Saturday 3/29

  1. Snatch 75kg x2x5 working on keeping my right knee out. This weight is about as heave as it gets before keeping the knee out is a real chore when I get tired.

    2 clean 1 push jerk at 90kg x5. Only one of these was too far out in front.

    front squat 164-170-160. 164 felt great. 170 got me to round my back about half way up. 160 rounded again but it was light enough to fix the problem mid rep.

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