Monday 4/7

  • hang snatch — heavy single
  • snatch pulls @80% x3 x5
  • front squat @90% x1 x3

you are MAXING ALL THE LIFTS (as in “going for PRs”) this weekend, so take care this week to eat well, sleep well, and have fun lifting!

3 thoughts on “Monday 4/7

  1. Hang snatch 45
    Snatch pulls 40
    Front squat 80

    Took the pulls off of 15kg plates because my flexibility still isn’t where it needs to be for the snatch.

  2. Hang Snatch: 49 (PR!)
    Snatch Pulls: 40
    Front Squat: 70

    Squats were more taxing than I thought. 75 may have been better, but after failing at 80 I decided to drop significantly.

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