Wednesday 4/9

Today the weights are light. Stick to them. You can go even lighter if you feel like it. Do not go above 75%. Do not “round up” to the nearest 5kg (I’m looking at YOU). Nail these lifts. Feel good. Rest up the next couple days and come in this weekend PUMPED UP to MAX EVERYTHING!!!

  • snatch @75% x1 x3
  • clean & jerk @75% x1 x3
  • back squat @75% x3 x3


This weekend marks the end of the “Conditioner Cycle“. You can max either Saturday or Sunday. After this we will deload a little and transition into a new cycle that is geared to peak just in time for the 2014 RVA Open on June 1, which we hope you sign up for (or at least come and cheer!).

3 thoughts on “Wednesday 4/9

  1. Snatch – 35 (started off of 15kg plates)
    CJ – 45
    Back Squat – 85

    My snatch and CJ both felt way off mechanically last night at the start (even considering my developing technique), and my first work set of squats required more effort than I’d expected. My lifts improved and felt smoother as the workout progressed.

    Elizabeth, Chad, and Patrick – Get after it and lift heavy this weekend. We’ll all be cheering for you.

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