Sunday 4/13: OLY TOTAL (cont.)

**if you did not max yesterday, you should come in and show that bar who’s boss today*

Welcome to the final weekend of the Conditioner Cycle! You all have worked hard these past 8 weeks, and it’s time to cash in for your reward: MAXING OUT.

  • snatch — MAX
  • clean & jerk — MAX
  • front squat — MAX

You will spend the full hour and half going for PRs in your snatch, clean&jerk, and front squat. Be smart about warm-ups and attempts, and then get after it! The goal is to practice the movements and mobilize the joints without fatiguing yourself. The closer you get to your heavier weights, the closer the jumps in weight are (read: smaller increments). The number of repetitions decrease as we increase intensity. Minimize rest to about 2-3 minutes between your heavier attempts. You will need less time to warm-up for the clean and jerk and the front squat, since you will already be quite warm. There is no reason you cannot be done with all three lifts by 1:30pm. Oh, and bring food 😉

Also happening this weekend: C’ville Strength is representing at the 2014 Capital City Open on Sunday, April 13 at Trident Crossfit in Alexandra, VA. Chad, Patrick, honorary member Billy, and Coach Elizabeth are all lifting. They promise they’ll do you proud!


2 thoughts on “Sunday 4/13: OLY TOTAL (cont.)

  1. at the Cap City Open (an excellent day for me! 6:6!)
    snatch: 70kg (basically tied best ever, competition PR)
    c&J: 91kg (tied best ever, competition PR)
    total: 161kg (tied best ever, huge competition PR)

    Qualified for 2014 Nationals (and American Open), had an excellent time, got to watch Chad and Patrick kick major @$$, too!

    no FS

  2. snatch 90kg missed 95
    C&J 120kg and clean 130pr, but missed the jerk
    Front squat 120kg, loaded up 140 but could not get it done.

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