Monday 4/14

This is the start of a new cycle, focused on preparing folks to be in peak condition for the RVA Open on June 1st.  Even if you’re not planning to compete, you will be maxing out on the weekend of the June 1st.

  • hang snatch (below the knee) 50% x 3 x 5
  • hang clean (below the knee) 50% x 3 x 5
  • snatch deadlift to knee + snatch pull 65% x 3+1 x 3, 70% x 3+1 x 3
  • front squat 70% x 3 x 2



4 thoughts on “Monday 4/14

  1. Didn’t even read this, but someone what I wrote for myself today coincided very well as a “deload after maxing” workout… (weirrrrrrrd)
    -snatch ( hang) @~60% x2 x4: 45kg
    -clean (pull+high hang) & jerk @~60% x2+1 x3: 60kg
    -fs heavy single FTD (105kg), then @~75% x3x2: 75kg

    Everything felt great except the FS, which felt MUCH heavier than it ought to

  2. Snatch 50
    clean 65
    (snatch deadlift x3 + snatch pull x1)x3 @65 + (complex)x3 at 70 Shoulders back
    front squat 100 x3x2 I am glad it was only 2 sets.

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