Wednesday 4/30

  • hang-snatch pull + hang snatch (below the knee) 65% x (1+1) x 2, 70% x (1+1) x 2
  • hang-clean pull + hang clean (below the knee) 65% x (1+1) x 2, 70% x (1+1) x 2
  • clean deadlift to knee + clean pull 70% x 3+1 x 3, 75% x 3+1 x 2
  • pause back squat 65% x 4 x 5

Come out at 6pm this Friday for a gym potluck & BBQ! Bright some meat for yourself and a side to share (and BYOB)! There will be cool people and cornhole and lots of yummy food on what should be a fine evening. Join us! Family/dogs welcome 😀

3 thoughts on “Wednesday 4/30

  1. Hang snatch pull + hang snatch @44, 50k
    Hang clean pull + hang clean @60, 65k
    Clean deadlift + pull @65, 70k
    Pause BS @60k

    Feeling really good about pulls lately. Made some improvement in extending through the floor and staying tight to keep the bar close in the 3rd pull. Cleans entered deeper into the hips and got into a much much more stable catching position. Was a bit tired and tight in the hamstrings by the end of the workout so I went a little lighter on BS. Pumped to go heavy.

  2. Hang Snatch Pull + Hang Snatch – 34, 36
    Hang Clean Pull + Hang Clean – 42, 46
    Clean DL + Clean Pull – 46, 50
    Pause Back Squat – 75

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