Wednesday 5/14


  • front squat 85% x 2 x 10
  • snatch pull 100% x 3, 105% x 3, 110% x 3
  • snatch balance — heavy single

3 thoughts on “Wednesday 5/14

  1. Snatch upto 95k before a miss
    Fs @ 120
    snatch pull 100,105,110
    snatch balance 105k
    I missed three snatch balance at 100 before making one, then missed one at 105 before making one. I also missed at 110 but by then I was really done.

  2. Front Squat – 80
    Snatch Pull – 52, 55, 57
    Snatch Balance – put 47 overhead and then 50 but pressed out the 50.

    However, I wasn’t pushing to depth on any of the snatch balances, just dropping down. Backed the weight down to 40 and got it with depth on my second attempt. Need to keep working my snatch balances at lower weights in order to build my confidence in driving myself under the bar actively.

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