Saturday 5/17

  • snatch — heavy single
  • clean and jerk — heavy single
  • front squat — heavy single


**Watch LIVE the East Coast Gold Classic Weightlifting Meet, with a special intermission as USA Olympic Gold Medalist, Tara Nott Cunningham (-48kg, Sydney Olympics), is inducted into the Weightlifting Hall of Fame at York Barbell**

6 thoughts on “Saturday 5/17

  1. Snatch – 50
    C&J – 60
    Front Squat – 100 PR (+5)

    The front squat PR was nice but a grinder (with a momentary loss of stability in the bottom). However my big accomplishment today was taking my snatches from the ground instead of off plates. Jon challenged us to put some pressure on ourselves today, and that was how I chose to do it. With the help of some great coaching (and a belt) I was able to pull it off.

  2. Snatch @70k pr
    C&J @90k pr
    FS @90k

    A lot of things are starting to come together nicely. Start position on both lifts feel good, keeping tension through my hamstrings and lats better during the first pull. Need to work on not jumping back during my extension, especially on cleans. Clean is now at 100% of my front squat so looking forward to getting stronger next cycle.

  3. snatch: 71kg (PR, but with a press-out)
    clean and jerk: 86kg today, lost 90kg forward after racking it (sad, because it felt light)

    No squatting until I stop being broken.

  4. Snatch 77 missed 80
    Clean and jerk: 107kg cleaned 109 lost the jerk
    Front squat: 149kg PR by 5kilos missed 152kg

  5. snatch: 35kg felt good, 37 or 38kg – 3 attempts: pushout, miss, v. slow
    c&j: 49kg good, 52kg 2 misses
    FS: 65kg (missed 70kg)

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