Monday 5/19

  • 3 position clean 62% x 3
  • clean pull 97% x 3, 102% x 3, 107% x 3
  • rack jerk (behind the neck) — heavy single
  • 3 rounds: windshield wipers to near failure

4 thoughts on “Monday 5/19

  1. 3 Pos clean @50k
    Clean pulls @85, 92, 97k
    Rack jerk @92k, failed 95k
    Windshield wipers @0 reps

    Overall not a bad day. Hamstrings were a bit tight today which made the clean pulls pretty challenging. Hit all the positions well although a bit too controlled, practiced exploding through the second pull. Rack jerks felt hit or miss working up to a heavy single. Hit 92k no problem, didn’t have a chance with 95k. Learned some progressions to do windshield wipers some day since I suck.

  2. 3 p clean 80kg
    clean pull 125,135, 145
    rack jerk (btn) 140kg (pr by 10) felt like I could get more
    back squat 100kg 5×3
    windshield wipers -felt like there was strong wind or tec. could be nailed down a bit

  3. 3PC – 40.
    Clean Pulls – 66, 70, 74. These felt smoother but I was still coming up on my toes.
    Rack Jerk (BTN) – 55. Started with the empty bar to get the feel of pushing myself under it and had a hard time with my balance on the early reps. Worked up in 5kg jumps. Put 60 overhead but pressed out. Still don’t feel confident dropping under.
    Windshield Wipers need to start with easier progressions before moving to the bar because my legs were barely moving. Did three sets of 5 windmills each side with a 45#KB afterwards to get some rotational ab work.

  4. 3PC: 34kg
    clean pull: 53, 56, 59kg
    rack jerk: 55kg (worked more at lower weight on external rotation and wrist position)
    WW: did ~6 low

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