Wednesday 5/21

  • front squat 87% x 2 x 10
  • snatch pull 102% x 3, 107% x 3, 112% x 3
  • snatch balance — heavy single
  • 3 sets of barbell ab roll-outs (from your knees) x 7-10

3 thoughts on “Wednesday 5/21

  1. Front squat @87k
    Snatch pull @70, 75, 80k
    Snatch balance @80k
    Modified ab roll out/plank

    Today was a tough workout but I really enjoy heavy volume. Front squats were tough but didn’t come close to failing any reps, just focused on staying tight and keeping a vertical torso. Snatch pulls up to 75k were pretty good considering I couldn’t feel my quads. Start losing the bar forward with 80k so I did a drop set at 60k and moved on. Snatch balance went up to 80k, could have made 85k but legs were just too tired. Felt very confident about the overhead position.

  2. Finally back to lifting!! Hooray!
    Snatch work up to 40kg (never missed, felt good)
    C&J work up to 45kg
    Back Squat: 4 x 5 @ 45kg (I know it was terribly light, but I’m working back up)
    Barbell Ab Rollouts

  3. Front squat: 122 dropped the second rep of the 4th set, then strapped on a belt and got through it, thinking about stretching the angle in my shoulder.
    Snatch pull: 102,107,112. Instantly sore under my shoulder.
    Snatch balance: upto 90.

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