Saturday 5/24

  • snatch 90% x 1
  • clean and jerk 90% x 1
  • front squat 50% x 3 x 5

Treat today’s lifts as heavy singles for the day.  No misses allowed.  If you make it to 90% with no misses, go ahead and take a bonus lift at 95%.  Absolutely no PR attempts today.

Front squat reps should be fast, with emphasis on catching the bounce out of the bottom.

***Note — special Memorial Day schedule:

  • CrossFit class at 10am.
  • Strength class at 5pm.

7 thoughts on “Saturday 5/24

  1. Snatch – up to 47
    C&J – up to 60
    Front Squats – 55

    The top end loads on the snatch and c&j weren’t the prettiest to look at, but they got up without any misses. Because they weren’t smooth and picture perfect I didn’t go for 95%. I noticed myself sliding my grip inward on the bar as I turn over on the clean. Am I starting with too wide a grip?

    Really worked to find my “bounce” today on the front squats today.

    • Your clean grip is not too wide, but it’s not a crime to experiment with different grips if you want. What you are more likely doing — and don’t want to do — is letting go of the bar during the 3rd pull. This act will also result in more ‘crashing’ of the bar during the receiving position, rather than actively meeting is. Just focus on not letting go of the bar during that turnover tomorrow (both lifts!) and see where your hands end up.

  2. Snatch @60, 65k
    C&J @80, 85k
    FS @50k

    Snatches went pretty well up to 95%, I wish I stood up with it more smoothly but I guess it was just heavy. Made 65 twice and moved on. Cleans were great, hit 80 no problem 85 was also a good lift, a bit slower. Spent quite a bit of time warming up shoulders and lats before I started, so jerks were much better than usual.

  3. Snatch: 38kg. 1st attempt was slow, but not a push out. 2nd attempt was faster and I dropped a little under the bar.
    C&J: 47kg. last attempt was more of a muscle clean and the jerk had a big dip.
    FS: 35kg.

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