Saturday 5/31

If you’re feeling ready, you can max today:

  • max snatch
  • max clean and jerk
  • max front squat

If you’re not feeling ready, you can put off maxing until Sunday or Monday.  We want to encourage you to attend the meet in Richmond on Sunday to support your strength-mates, Melinda, Nish, Chad and Patrick.

If you’re putting off maxing until Sunday or Monday, do 4-5 rounds of the following complexes with an empty bar or with minimal weight:

  • 2 hang snatch (below the knee) + tall snatch + 2 overhead squat
  • 2 hang clean (below the knee) + tall clean + 2 drop jerk
  • foam roll quads + couch stretch
  • go home and eat lots of food (you only have to do this part once)

2 thoughts on “Saturday 5/31

  1. Snatch – 55 PR (+3)
    C&J – 68 PR (+3)
    Made a clean at 70 but missed the jerk.

    Waiting until Monday to max my front squat.

    This has been a really good cycle for me – besides the PRs I feel I made some real breakthroughs with my technique on the classic lifts. They feel so much smoother now. I also improved my flexibility enough to take my snatches from the ground. Big improvements for me!

    Great training day today with (as always) some excellent coaching. Thanks Elizabeth!

    To all the lifters competing tomorrow – get after it and lift well!

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