Monday 6/2

**Congrats to the C’ville Strength athletes who lifted yesterday for a stellar performance! Nish went 6:6 in his first ever meet and Melinda, Patrick and Chad ALL excelled and came out with competition PRs!! Melinda threw in an overall C&J PR, as well!**

If you have not yet finished maxing your lifts, please do that tonight.


  • front squat @50% x2 x10 (rest 1 minutes between sets)
  • Turkish Get-up x3 each arm (alternating). These are for QUALITY.
  • KB windmill 3×5 (controlled tempo)
  • dedicated stretching/foam-rolling time:


Due to your response on the poll, it is apparent there is a desire for both powerlifting and more technical attention to the Olympic lifts. We will deliver both. Beginning Sunday, June 15, we will begin TWO SEPARATE cycles that will run simultaneously with a joint squat program (**no class on June 14 due to SuperFit Charlottesville**). The first cycle will be dedicated to the slow lifts, and the second will continue with Olympic lifts. The focus for both is a super posterior. You should think about which summer cycle you wish to follow, as it will not benefit you overall to alternate between the two.

Until then, enjoy the next 2 weeks of celebrating new PRs, the advent of long summer days, and exploring new ways in which your body can perform.

**Please note that beginning in July the C’ville Strength program will switch to a T/Th/Sa/Su schedule.**

2 thoughts on “Monday 6/2

  1. Needed to max my front squat. Got 100 kg (100% of my max) and it felt good. Went for 104 and missed. No cause for concern – I set my front squat PR on May 17 (and made a back squat PR on May 3). PR’ed everything during this cycle.

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