Monday 6/9: SUMMER SWOLESTICE Cycle[s]

**Note: the gym is closed on Saturday, June 14, for SuperFit**

You asked for more powerlifting focus and more squats, and we shall answer.

Today we begin two separate Summer Swole Cycles. Cycle #1 (PL) is for those who want to focus on the slow lifts more (squat, bench, deadlift), and Cycle #2 (OL) is for those who wish to continue with the technical Olympic lifts but focus on their overall base strength (the squat).

All posteriors will become superior with this cycle, as everyone will follow the same squat program.  You must choose now which focus (PL or OL) you wish to have for the following 9 weeks. This first week will be a transition into the volume you are about to encounter. The Summer Swolstice Cycle begins for real on SUNDAY.


  • box squat x2 x10 (light, for speed)
  • bench press x2 x10 (light, for speed)
  • 3x alternating:
    -band pull-aparts x10
    -pull-ups x8-10


  • snatch complex ( hang) @50-60% x3 x3
  • clean complex ( hang) @50-60% x3 x3
  • push press @ 50-60% (of snatch) x5 x3

5 thoughts on “Monday 6/9: SUMMER SWOLESTICE Cycle[s]

  1. Snatch @40k
    C&J @50k
    PP @40k

    Felt really good after a deload week. Exploring my new found lat contractions thanks to some tips from Jordan today. Picked it up pretty quick so hopefully I’ll see some good changes to my whole movement. Still working on opening up my chest during my set up on cleans. Seem to be losing some tightness in my shoulders during the first pull. Made some improvement by the end. Push presses were a nice warm down.

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