Wednesday 6/11

**Note: the gym is closed on Saturday, June 14, for SuperFit. The CrossFit gym will only have 4:45pm class FRIDAY (no 5:30) as preparations for the competition take place.**

 Starting SUNDAY, there will be two separate Summer Swolestice Cycles. Cycle #1 (PL) is for those who want to focus on the slow lifts more (squat, bench, deadlift), and Cycle #2 (OL) is for those who wish to continue with the technical Olympic lifts but focus on their overall base strength (the squat).

All posteriors will become superior with this cycle, as everyone will follow the same squat program.  You must choose now which focus (PL or OL) you wish to have for the following 9 weeks. This first week will be a transition into the volume you are about to encounter.

Please work efficiently in order to finish within the allotted 1.5 hour class time.


  • pause squat @50% x6x6
  • shoulder press 5RM, -5% x5, -10% x5
  • 4x: DB circuit (same weight, no rest)
    -bent over DB row x10 (each arm)
    -weighted DB sit-up x15
    -DB lunge x10 (each leg)


  • pause squat @50% x6x6
  • flat-footed power clean + push jerk @50% x(3+3), @60% x(2+2) x3
  • snatch pull (with 6 second eccentric load) @60% x3, @70% x3, @80% x3 x3

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 6/11

  1. Pause squat @ 50k
    Flat footed P Clean + PJ @ 40, 45, 50k
    Snatch pull + eccentric load @ 45, 50k
    15-9-6-3 BS @40k, pull ups, push ups

    Squats weren’t bad, dropped into the hole on a few reps but went slow and controlled on most of them. Flat footed cleans were interesting, revealed that I extend early and my weight is forward. Started to understand staying connected through the ground all the way through the extension by the later reps. Definitely interested in trying those again even on snatches. Snatch pull + eccentric load was nuts, really need to focus on hamstrings more next time, back was completely blasted at the end and hamstrings weren’t too bad.

    The wod with Jordan was a ton of fun. I’d like to do some similar metcons like that every once in a while.

  2. Due to my absence from the gym much of last week, tonight was Crossfit Total night for me. So good to be back in the gym again.

    Back squat – 122 PR (+2)
    Shoulder Press – 47 PR (+7)
    Deadlift – 142 PR (+2)

    PR’ing all 3 after a week out of the gym was unexpected but great. Looking at my records, it seems like the last time I shoulder pressed and deadlifted was April 19. A 7 kg pickup in the press in just 2 months was surprising. I’ll take it. I just set my previous back squat PR on May 3, so it was good to get even heavier tonight.

    After the lifts I did a little bit of Oly tech work with the empty bar just to refresh my groove.

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