Sunday 6/15

The SUMMER SWOLESTICECycle begins in earnest today. Please choose a path: Powerlifting (PL) or Olympic Lifting (OL). The cycle will last 8 weeks. There is a lot of volume and a lot of squatting. Come early to warm-up. Work efficiently to complete all squats in the first half hour of class. Keep rest to a minimum. Remember to hydrate!


  • squat @65% x10 x3


  • regular grip 1-board bench press @80% x3 x6
  • deadlift* @50% x4, @60% x4 x2, @70% x3 x2, @80% x3 x5

*please reset before every rep on the deadlift sets. These are not “touch and go.”


  • flat-footed “power snatch + OHS” x2 x3 (medium)
  • flat-footed “power clean + FS” x2 x3 (medium)
  • 100 hollow rocks — every time you break do 5 pushups




4 thoughts on “Sunday 6/15

  1. Maxed Squat today : 170kg – Was coming off being extremely ill and not working out for over a week. (Within 14 kilos of old pr).

    Worked a ton on new technique and really bring the bar to the crease.
    3 position snatches for most of the day with 30kilos then 40kilos. Still working on becoming consistent with the movement.

    Lots of work to do but feeling very motivated.

    **PS: Thanks Jon and Jordan for all the help today!

  2. Squat – 80
    F.F. Power Snatch + OHS – 34
    F.F. Power Clean + Front Squat – 40
    Hollow Rock Holds – accumulate 2 minutes w/ 5 Push Ups for each break (20 Push Ups)

    Later, an optional MetCon: “Happy Father’s Day” – Mow my lawn for time!

    I was coming into today fresh off of a trail relay run and no sleep on Thursday and Friday nights. Hitting 3 sets of 10 with 65% of my new 1RM today was no joke. It was great to get back into the gym. Just bummed that I’ll be in Canada this week. If the airline gods smile on me, then I’ll see you Wednesday night. Otherwise it might not be until Saturday.

    Really great coaching today from Jon and Jordan. Thanks, guys.

  3. Squat 3x10x111kg
    Clean complex 90kg
    Hollow rock 30-25-25-20
    I did not snatch because the afc does not have bumper plates.

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