Monday 6/16

*we will not normally squat 2 days in a row, but there are exceptions to every rule! Get after it!


  • squat @75% x3 x8


  • shoulder press @60 x6, @70% x5, @80% x2 x2, @85% x2
  • block deadlift (knees) @60% x5, @70% x4 x2, @80% x3 x3, @90% x4 x2
  • 3x alternating:
    -supine ring rows x5-10 (feet on a short box)
    -couch stretch x30sec/leg


  • 2-position clean (hip + x3 x3 (light)
  • front squat @60% x5, @70% x5, @75% x5
  • 2 minutes: banded wall squat (feet on wall, back on floor)

You’ve probably met new part-time coach, Jordan Rosen. If not, come say ‘hi’! Also, know that he’s not just a legit coach, but a solid lifter, as well. Here’s his 120/155/275kg Performance from 2013 USAW Nationals!

2 thoughts on “Monday 6/16

  1. Squat @80k
    Flat footed snatch+OH squat @40k
    Flat footed clean+FS @50k
    Hollow holds alternating with lat stretches

    Smoked the squats. Feeling really comfortable with the form and catching the bounce well. Getting a little bit better at flat footed work, working on keeping the bar close once I pass my knees. Made some progress on setting up for my cleans, keeping my back tight, loading hamstrings then pulling myself towards the bar.

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