Wednesday 6/18

**classes have been large of late, please partner up and share racks/bars! Arrive early to get warm, and start squatting when you’re ready. You know what to do.**


  • squat @70% x5 x5 (rest 2-3 minutes)


  • close-grip bench @50% x3 x8 (explosive concentric)
  • 2-board close-grip bench @75% x5 x3, @55% x12
  • 3x alternating:
    -single leg DL x5 (each leg, empty barbell)
    -weighted plank x30 seconds (AHAP)


  • shoulder-to-overhead complex [push press + push jerk + split jerk] — heavy single FTD
  • snatch pull + 6-second eccentric @60% x3, @70% x3, @80% x2 x3
  • 3x alternating:
    -[weighted] pull-up negative x2 (take as long as possible on the way down)
    -weighted plank x30 seconds (AHAP)

5 thoughts on “Wednesday 6/18

  1. Squats – 84
    Jerk complex – up to 60 but they were ragged at that weight
    Snatch pulls – 33, 38, 44
    Pull Up Negatives – bw with slow descent
    Planks – 30

    Tonight kicked my butt. Next to no sleep the last 2 nights and straight to the gym from the airport. I’ll sleep like a baby tonight.

  2. Squat @ 80k
    Complex @ 70k
    Snatch pulls + eccentric @ 40, 50, 55k

    My legs have been recovering surprisingly well from all the squats, once again solid on all sets. Overhead complex was fun, dip drive felt more snappy than usual perhaps squats were a good warm up. Worked up to 70% of my best jerk, failed on push press at 75k. Was a bit fatigued on the pulls, got a few good extensions, most of the eccentrics weren’t a problem however. Still working to keep my back and lats tight.

  3. Squat 120
    Jerk complex upto 100 ( but it was broken into parts by several misses in the pp and pj)
    Snatch pull 60,70,80
    Pu 45# plank 90#

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