Saturday 6/21


  • squat @68% x10 x3 (rest 3-4 minutes)


  • regular grip 1-board bench press @85% x3 x5
  • 4x DB circuit:
    -row x10 (each arm)
    -sit-up x15
    -lunge x10 (each leg)
  • stretch glutes and shoulders


  • flat-footed “power snatch + OHS” x2 x3 (medium)
  • flat-footed “power clean + push jerk” x2 x3 (medium)
  • 3x circuit:
    -supine ring-rows (feet on a short box) x5-10
    -Russian twists x20
    -couch or pigeon stretch x30 seconds/leg

4 thoughts on “Saturday 6/21

  1. Squat @60k
    FF PSnatch + OH squat @40, 45, 50k
    FF PClean + PJerk @50, 60, 70k

    Played tennis for 3 hrs yesterday so hips were a bit tight, did the best I could for the day. Third time doing the flat footed tech work and its definitely getting better. Heels still coming up a tiny bit early on the snatch. Cleans are finally starting to shape up, after a few warm ups almost all of them were entering deep into my hip crease while my heels were still planted. Thinking about keeping a vertical torso on the catch. Jerks were ok, bar was not behind my ears on many of them, need to mobilize more and extend straight up.

  2. Squats – 82
    FF P Snatch + OHS – 34
    FF P Clean + Push Jerk – 40

    Squats were pretty demanding but felt good. Need to work on keeping my feel in contact with the floor the entire time on the flat-foot work.

    Probably should have had the rings a little higher on the circuit at the end. Scaling the pulls so that I was a bit less horizontal would helped me keep my torso locked solid and my reps would have been higher quality.

  3. I did this in pounds NOT kilos
    Squats- 255
    P.Sn+OHS- 95
    3x TriSet
    Russian twist – 20

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