Sunday 6/22



  • deadlift to knees @50% x4, @60% x4 x2, @70% x3 x2, @75 x3 x4
  • shoulder press @65% x5, @75% x5, @85% x4 x2, @90% x2
  • deadlift (full) @50% x4, @60% x4, @70% x3 x2, @80% x3 x5
  • cool down*: tire flips x10-15


  • Front Squat @60% x5, @70% x4, @75-80% x3 x2
  • superset:
    -snatch grip RDL @60% x3, @70% x3, @75% x3 x2
    -seated DB press x5
  • optional cardio*: light prowler sprints x3-5

.*if you don’t want to do the flips or sprints, suggested alternative is hand-stand skill work. Also, if it’s raining, and you don’t care to get wet… the rowers are free 😉

suns out, guns out

suns out, guns out

3 thoughts on “Sunday 6/22

  1. FS @ 60, 70, 80k
    RDL @ 40, 50, 55k
    DB press @ 35lbs
    Handstand progressions

    Somehow made it through the front squats, hips were pretty sore but made all the reps pretty well. Core work has improved my stability quite a bit. RDLs were fine, focused on keeping my back and lats super tight. Handstand progressions were fun, got a 10-15 second hold away from the wall a few times.

  2. FS- 90, 104, 112, 118
    Sn. RDL- 50, 57, 62 (I can feel these working… days after)
    Seated DB Press- 25lbs (Having shoulders issues but working on it)
    Prowler sprints 60kg uphill….4 of them

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