Monday 6/23

*if your legs are gone, lower the percentage, but get in the reps*


  • squat x78% x3 x8 (rest 3 minutes)


  • DB incline press x12 x3
  • 4x circuit:
    -barbell curl xME
    -seated GM x6
    -ab roll-outs x5-10


  • 3-position snatch (light/medium) x2 x3
  • 2-position clean (light/medium) x2 x3
  • 3x superset:
    -DB split* press x5 (*press with legs in split jerk position)
    -barbell ab roll-outs x5

6 thoughts on “Monday 6/23

  1. Squats 3 x 2 @ 100 kg, 3 x 5 @ 106 kg
    Snatch Complex @ 40 kg x 2 x 2, @ 30 kg x 2 x 1
    Clean Complex @ 40 kg x 2 x 3
    I felt really tired today, hadn’t eaten since breakfast and that took a tremendous toll. Squats felt good and pain-free.

  2. BS @ 80k
    3Pos Snatch @ 40k
    2Pos Clean @50k

    Okay, NOW my hips are sore. Somehow made it through the squats, dive bombed and caught the bounce every time, hip flexors just wouldn’t turn on. Snatches and cleans went okay, keeping my back tighter. Still working on using legs not so much back.

  3. Squats- 136 kilos
    3P Snatch- 40kilos felt really strange, struggling with form still
    3P Clean- 40 kilos same as above

    Serious issues with hip flexors this day
    **Update: 6/29: getting better but not much. Looking like I’m resulting to seeing someone. Having a hard time even getting into the couch stretch position.

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