Saturday 6/28

**schedule change to T/Th/Sa/Su will be in effect starting MONDAY JULY 7. Weekday classes will still be at 7pm and weekend classes at noon. Thank you.**

Week 3 begins (next week is a deload, don’t worry!)


  • squat @70% x10 x3 (rest 3-4 minutes)


  • regular grip 1-board bench press @90% x2 x5
  • 4x DB circuit:
    -row x10 (each arm)
    -sit-up x15
    -lunge x10 (each leg)
  • stretch hamstrings and lats


  • HB (high block*) snatch pull + snatch x2 x3 (medium)
  • HB clean pull + clean x2 x3 (medium)
  • 3x alternating:
    -supine ring-rows (feet on a short box) x5-10
    -Russian twists x20
  • what hurts? stretch it

*alternative is hang (mid-thigh)

4 thoughts on “Saturday 6/28

  1. Squats at 70k
    HB pull + snatch @50k
    HB pull + clean @60k

    Really fun workout, minus the squats. Took rehab pretty seriously past 2 days but only marginal improvement in my hip pain. Stretching my IT band on a barbell helped but I think there may be another point causing the strain that I’m not able to find. Snatches went really well I think, felt like I was staying back on my heels and keeping my back tight. Cleans were okay, nailed my jewels on the first rep so I was a bit hesitant on the rest. High block was a bit unusual because I couldn’t find a comfortable spot to make contact with the bar, hip contact felt too high, thigh contact felt too low, middle almost sterilized me.

    • so you’re not the only one with tight hips. I want to remind everyone to please not neglect the mid/lower back when mobilizing as well as psoas (you’re loading your back a ton on EVERYTHING on this cycle, it’s getting worn out). Stretch quads and adductors. Pain is usually caused elsewhere than the reference point.

      And, when it’s all said and done, there’s no shame in lowering the %. Next week will be a deload week, too, so take advantage.

  2. Squats- 120kg… We can stop this any day…
    HB Snatch Pulls +Snatch- 60kg felt really solid
    HB Clean Pulls + Clean – 80kg again solid.. finally working with higher weights and form is still staying.
    Ring rows turned into DB Rows with 55 because the ring rows turned UGLY
    Russian twist with 35lbs

  3. BS: 63kg
    snatch: 30kg
    clean: 40 kg
    26# KB

    Haven’t worked off the blocks like that before so felt really weird. Lower back was really tight after the squats. Spent some time Sunday rolling my hamistrings and gluts…think they are really tight right now.

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