Sunday 6/29

**schedule change to T/Th/Sa/Su will be in effect starting MONDAY JULY 7. Weekday classes will still be at 7pm and weekend classes at noon. Thank you.**


  • deadlift @50% x4, @60% x5, @70% x3 x2, @80% x3 x3, @85% x3 x2
  • shoulder press @70% x6, @80% x3 x2, @85% x2 x2, @90% x2, @95% x2
  • rack deadlift (from knees)  @65% x5, @75% x5 x2, @85% x4 x4
  • cool down
    -recovery row/air-dyne for 5 minutes, 50-60% effort
    -foam roll


  • front squat @60% x5, @65% x5, @70% x5 x2
  • snatch grip RDL @60% x3, @70% x3, @75% x3 x2
  • optional conditioning:
    -parking lot sprints x8-10 (start at street, end just before dumpster)
  • stretch/foam roll

2 thoughts on “Sunday 6/29

  1. FS @60k x3x2
    RDLs @ 40, 50, 55k

    Was feeling pretty good coming into the gym, mobile for the most part. Started getting some pain in my left knee when I went past parallel, took some additional time to try to free up the tension but still felt a slight strain when I came back to the squats. Called it on squats for the day after 2 sets. RDLs went well, had pretty good control throughout the reps.

  2. FS: 90×5,98×5,105x5x2 – 105 felt the best out of all of them and really felt like I was finally getting better depth out of them.

    RDL- 50×3, 60×3, 63x3x2 – These where rough. Last set really killed my hamstrings

    Sprints- 10 seriously Thomas wheels.

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