Monday 6/30

**schedule change to T/Th/Sa/Su will be in effect starting MONDAY JULY 7. Weekday classes will still be at 7pm and weekend classes at noon. Thank you.**

Last day of June… make it count!


  • squat @80% x3 x8 (rest 3 minutes)



  • incline DB bench x10 x3 (last reps should be difficult)
  • 4x circuit:
    -barbell curl xME
    -seated GM x6
    -ab roll-outs x5-10


  • heaving snatch balance –> heavy single FTD
  • muscle clean + 2 front squats –> heavy single FTD
  • 3x DB split* press x5 (*press with legs in split jerk position)



Happy Birthday to Coach Elizabeth!

Happy Birthday to Coach Elizabeth!

4 thoughts on “Monday 6/30

  1. BS @ 80k x3x5, 100k x3x3
    Snatch balance @ 80k
    Muscle clean @ 55k

    I was in the fucking zone today. Been a week since squats were feeling good and today they were money. 100k for a double was a PR, for a triple was a PR, so I did it for 3 sets. 80k snatch balance was also a PR. Muscle cleans were fun, learned to keep the bar even closer.

    PS happy birthday Liz!

  2. Back Squat – 96
    Snatch balance – 52
    Muscle clean – 56
    DB Split Press – 30#

    I tried for 56 in the snatch balance but missed it twice. 52 was 5kg heavier than my last best snatch balance, but I am still getting freaked out by pushing myself under the weight.

    Felt really good to be back at the gym. June had a lot of travel for me, and I really missed the solace of the gym. You should be seeing me a lot more in July.

  3. BS: 70kg (3kg shy of 80%)
    HSB: 30kg….took me a while to feel comfortable with this. Worked with the bar for a bit. Traps, shoulder blades, etc all tight and took a bit to loosen up.
    MC+ 2FS: 45kg, missed 50kg. Almost forgot the FS part!
    DBSP: 20# (did some shoulder press in the am so went ligher).

    felt heavy but doable.

  4. well, since everyone (who posted) ROCKED this workout, I’m going to assume all is well over in VA (hello from the desert, by the way). Congrats! Hope you wrote your successes up on the June/July PR board! Brag!

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