Wednesday 7/2

**schedule change to T/Th/Sa/Su will be in effect starting MONDAY JULY 7. Weekday classes will still be at 7pm and weekend classes at noon. Thank you.**

Don’t worry, you get a little break from squatting next week 🙂


  • squat @75% x5 x5 (rest 3-4 minutes)


  • close-grip bench press 60% x3 x6 (explosive concentric)
  • 2-board close-grip bench press 85% x5 x3, 55% x10
  • 3x alternating:
    -single-leg deadlift x5 (each leg)
    -weighted plank x30-seconds (AHAP)


  • jerk balance x3 x3 (light/medium) (focus on vertical dip drive still)
  • 1 ¼ front squat @55% x4 x4
  • 3x alternating:
    -pull-ups x8-10 (sub: 2-3 unweighted negatives)
    -hanging L-raises x5-10

6 thoughts on “Wednesday 7/2

  1. BS @ 90k
    FS @ 60k
    Alternating Pull ups and L-sits @ rx

    Overall decent day for squats. 90k on BS was pretty good, a bit of fatigue from Monday but made all the reps. Skipped the jerk balances because I’ve been healing a pinched nerve in my upper back/neck area. Will come back to these when my neck feels better. FS went surprisingly well, better than back squats even. Perhaps the core work has payed off. 60k for 1¼ wasnt a problem. Since we’re deloading I figured I’d snag a quick 4 rep PR at 80k. I’m hoping for 105-110k for a single soon.

  2. Squat – 90
    Jerk Balance – up to 35 (focusing on getting less “front leg” dominant in my split stance)
    1-1/4 Front Squat – 55 (felt heavier than that)
    Then worked on strict pull ups

    Feeling good but tired. Still working through the effects of a stressful June. Developing a little bit of soreness in my right forearm just downstream of my elbow. Feels like something is tense and pulling there. It’s limiting my grip a bit – especially in the turnover of the clean and the rack position.

    • Geoff, sounds like your over-using your grip. Seriously consider using straps for all things accessory and snatch (but not clean!), and in the rack position elbows completely relaxed — only your delts should be engaged in the ‘pushing up’ part.

  3. did this thursday am:
    BS: 68kg (felt good for the most part….last 2 reps were hard)
    JB: 1 @ 25kg, 2 @ 30kg (watched the video so I think I was close, but felt weird. Was hard to keep pressing out of the back foot, but my vertical up and down was pretty good. Was too soft…still need to focus on punching out)
    FS: 35kg (felt pretty good)
    did a few pullups but had to go.

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