Saturday 7/5

**schedule change to T/Th/Sa/Su will be in effect starting MONDAY JULY 7 (so class is on TUESDAY 7/8). Weekday classes will still be at 7pm and weekend classes at noon. Thank you.**

Week 4: Deload week!


  • warm-up. That’s it.


  • reg. grip bench press @60% x2 x10
  • box squat x2 x10 (light and fast)
  • 3x alternating:
    -pull-ups x8-10
    -hanging L-raises x5-10


  • high block snatch pull + snatch x1 x4 (medium/heavy)
  • high block clean pull + clean x1 x4 (medium/heavy)
  • 3x alternating:
    -DB split press x5
    -hanging L-raises x5-10

2 thoughts on “Saturday 7/5

  1. Snatch Pull + Snatch – 40
    Clean Pull + Clean – 50
    DB Split Press – 30#

    The light, easy, and “squat-less” day was a welcome change of pace. Jon’s squat warm up teaching session was a great learning moment.

  2. HB pull+snatch @52k
    HB pull+clean @75k
    Strict press alternating w/ leg raises

    Getting better at staying over the bar and waiting to extend with these HB exercises. Both snatch and clean felt good, hips were a bit tired so standing up wasn’t feeling the best. Been working a lot on trigger points all over my back and its helped a ton with keeping my back tighter as well as a better “punch out” when I catch my snatch. Didn’t have dumbbells or a pull up bar at home so I substituted the accessory with something close.

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