Sunday 7/6

**NO CLASS TOMORROW. Strength classes during the week will now be held on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS. Thank you.**


  • shoulder press @65% x6, @75% x5, @85% x2 x2, @90% x2
  • deadlift @50% x4, @60% x4, @70% x3 x2, @80% x3 x2, @85% x2 x3


  • front squat 1-1-1 (get after it!)
  • snatch pull + 6-second eccentric @60% x3, @70% x3, @75% x3 x2

Optional Conditioning for all:
-recovery row 1k-2k, then foam roll

4 thoughts on “Sunday 7/6

  1. Front Squat – 100, 100, 101X, 90
    Snatch Pull – 33, 38, 41
    Row 1K

    Got to 100% of my PR but was pretty tired. Took a run at a 1KG PR but paused in the bottom (unintentionally) and got stuck coming back up. Finding it harder to find the bottom of my squat and bounce in the front squat than the back squat.

    Used straps for the pulls and it helped both my elbow and my pulling technique.

  2. FS @80, 90, 100miss, 80
    Snatch pull @40, 50k
    2 rounds of Helen (400m run, 21KB swings, 12pull ups)

    Was (mentally) feeling solid today but the 2hr drive back to charlottesville definitely affected the squats. Was hoping to get over 100k but couldn’t even make that. Getting closer to hammering down “pull the bar back” with my lats/back. I noticed today that I have to start my shoulders WAY far over the bar in order to feel a full contraction of my lats and lock them down. Jordan had suggested I do a benchmark wod this weekend as he recommended incorporating “work capacity” increasing workouts a few times a week. I just can’t understand why anyone likes crossfit.

    • driving long distances + squats = never a good mixture.

      “few times a week” or “few times a MONTH”? The latter makes more sense to me for a weightlifter. Just try to keep then under 10 minutes (otherwise it’s called ‘endurance’).

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