Tuesday 7/8

Welcome to the new schedule! Hope you enjoyed Monday off. Let’s get back to week 4, shall we?

PLEASE POST to the website. Why do the homework but not turn it in?

mobility help:


  • DB incline bench x12 x3 (last couple reps of each set should be difficult)
  • 4x circuit:
    -empty barbell curl xME
    -seated Good Mornings x6 (light)
    -ab roll-outs x5-10


  • heaving snatch balance –> heavy single (FTD)
  • muscle clean + 2FS –> heavy single MC
  • DB split press 3×5

6 thoughts on “Tuesday 7/8

  1. Heaving snatch balance – 50
    Muscle clean + 2X front squat – 55
    DB Split Press 35#, 30#, 30#

    Fun class tonight. I liked the group warm up and airdyne interval “finisher”.

    Still having trouble with my snatch balances. I think that concerns about my shoulder stability are holding me back.

  2. ~ DB Incline Bench 12×3 @30lbs- focused on strong, explosive concentric movement and slow, controlled eccentric. Did a number of warmup sets @25, so last set was a bit of a struggle.
    ~ 4xcircuit (harder than it looked on paper)
    > BB curl- 19, 17, 13, 13
    > Seated Good mornings (prefer standing)
    > Ab roll-outs 10,10,10,10
    ~3x:15 Aerodyne- RPM on last was 104

  3. Snatch balance 105
    muscle clean complex 95
    db split press 30#, 40#, 45#
    Death by Aerodyne 15seconds x3, I expect quick progress here.

  4. Pretty significant knee issue going on. Not exactly sure where the pain is due to not having feeling in the whole knee but something not right when I squat down therefore making this day a bust for the most part.

    SB- 65
    MC+2FS- 70
    DB Split Press

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