Saturday 7/12

Week 5. One more week of lots of squats. Get after it. The volume decreases after this week.


  • squat @68% x10 x3


  • 1-board bench press @85% x3 x6
  • 4x DB circuit:
    -row x10 (each arm)
    -sit-up x15


  • low block ( snatch pull + snatch x2 x3 (medium)
  • low black ( clean pull + clean x2 x3 (medium)
  • DB split press 3×5

3 thoughts on “Saturday 7/12

  1. BS: 55kg (~60%)
    Snatch: 25kg
    Clean: 35kg
    15# DB.

    Note: did partner WODs this morning in prep for competition so kept it on the lighter side. Also did a lot of snatch accessory work.

  2. Squat 115x10x3
    Hang snatch 70
    Hang clean 90 (these were power because I was tired from squatting)
    Db press 45#x5x3

  3. Squat – 82
    Snatch pull + snatch – 40
    Clean pull + clean – 45 (tired from squats)
    DB split press – 30#

    Then, later,
    2-1/2 hours of heavy yardwork. I’m tired.

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