Sunday 7/13


  • deadlift to knees @55% x4, @65% x4 x2, @75% x3 x2, @80% x3 x4
  • shoulder press @70% x6, @80% x3, @90% x2, @95% x2
  • deadlift (full) @55% x4, @65% x4, @75% x3 x2, @85% x3 x5


  • FS @60% x5, @70% 5, @80% x4 x2
  • snatch grip RDL @60% x3, @70% x3, @75% x3 x2
  • DB Sots press x2 x10 (light, each arm)


Tune in live to watch the 2014 USA Weightlifting National Championships! Elizabeth lifts Friday at 10:30am MST.

6 thoughts on “Sunday 7/13

  1. FS @60, 70, 80k (80k for 1 set), 60×4
    WOD with Jordan: 3, 4, 5 deadlift(100k) burpee wallballs(20lbs) EMOM for 8mins

    Had spent good amount of time on maintenance this weekend but unfortunately my IT band was still a bit tight today, left knee started bothering me on the first set of 80k FS. Otherwise squats were strong no hip problems. Did a conditioning EMOM as part of Jordan’s increasing work capacity plan. After 3 workouts this was the first time I didn’t come close to passing out at the end. Mentally getting tougher doing this stuff.

    • Nish, if your knee starts bothering you again warm-up with some controlled tempo pause squats. As it feels better, keep the control but loose the squat and use the bounce.

  2. Warmed up with 60kg front squat then:
    few sets at 70kg
    few sets at 80kg
    Focused on really pushing the knees out avoiding the pain but not working through the pain. Making progress.
    RDLs5x3 at 60kg only to where it was comfortable.
    Sots press 15lbs it was ugly aka one more thing to work on.

  3. FS – 60, 70, 80
    SGRDL – 33, 38, 41
    Sots Press – just PVC to work on positioning and mobility

    Felt great today. Front squats felt really smooth and I was catching the bounce.

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