Tuesday 7/15


  • squat @78% x3 x8


  • DB incline press x10 x3 (last couple reps of each set should be difficult)
  • 3x circuit:
    -barbell curl xME
    -seated GM x10
    -weighted planks x30 seconds AHAP (heavier than before!)


  • snatch with pause below knee* –> heavy single
  • flat-footed power clean + PJ x(2+1) x3 (medium)
  • 3x alternating:
    -DB seated press
    -weighted plank x30 seconds AHAP (heavier than before!)


**for those interested, Elizabeth is lifting at the USAW Nationals in SLC on FRIDAY at 10:30am (Utah time). For more information on schedule and live-streaming, click here. Live feed only: http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Weightlifting/LIVE**

3 thoughts on “Tuesday 7/15

  1. Squat – 94
    Snatch with Pause b.k. – 40 (hit some at 45 but they were ragged, ugly, press outs)
    FF PC + PJ – 40
    Circuit 30#DB/35kg plank

    Squats felt great. Second rep of each set was the most ragged.
    Snatches with pause were awkward and unpleasant. Everything felt wrong, and I had a hard time getting the lifts overhead. Jordan did some intense coaching and got me back on track. Thanks!

  2. Squat 140x3x8 barely completed
    Pause snatch 70 working on getting the knees out of the way to keep the weight back.
    Power clean 90 and jerk deep breath, elbows out, chest up, then head through.

  3. Hi My Name is Patrick I like to lift weights.

    Squats just worked up to 100kg felt pretty good. Held them as a minor pause squat since “bouncing” out of the hole is still out of the question. 3×8

    Pause snatch got wack at 70 kilos so stopped there.
    80kg power clean and power jerk.

    Assistant work:
    40lbs dumbbell press because I just was not feeling 100% and I could not take the straight lock out on the knee with weight I did hanging leg raises 3 sets to failure aka like 8 reps max because ya.. well.. I’m fat.

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