Saturday 7/19

week 6


  • squat @71% x10 x2


  • 1-board bench press @90% x3 x5 (reps are more important than %)
  • 4x circuit:
    -I/Y/T to failure (very light)
    -L-hang xME


  • low block snatch pull+snatch x1 x4 (medium/heavy)
  • low block clean pull+clean x1 x4 (medium/heavy)
  • DB split press 3×5
  • couch stretch x2min/leg


The 2014 USAW National Championships are still going on ALL WEEKEND! Watch live:!

1 thought on “Saturday 7/19

  1. Squat – 85
    Snatch Pull + Snatch – 40
    Clean Pull + Clean – 50
    DB Split Press 30#

    Felt really flat and tired today but better after the first set of squats (go figure). Still decided to go with “medium” for the other lifts.

    Really having an issue with my squat depth. Seems like I’ve needed to back up higher and higher each workout this week. Alex recommended putting tape from my low back to my glutes and using the sensation of feeling the tape pull to tell me when I’m too low.

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