Tuesday 7/22

save the date for Dr. Forney & Elizabeth’s going-away party night out

and SUNDAY 7/27 after class join us at Beer Run for post-lifting drinks, grub, and good-bye hugs.


  • squat @81% x3 x4


  • DB incline press x12 x3
  • 4x circuit:
    -supine ring row x5-10
    -V-ups x10
    -stretch hamstrings/lats


  • clean with pause (below-knee) –> heavy single*
  • flat-footed power snatch x2 x3 (medium)
  • 3x alternating:
    -seated DB press x5
    -weighted sit-up x15

*the heavy squats will affect the clean more than the snatches, so don’t be alarmed if you feel like your legs are gone. Still, that’s not an excuse to be lazy.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday 7/22

  1. Squat – 97
    Clean w/ pause b.t.k. – up to 55 (they got ragged and ugly at 60)
    FF Power Snatch – 40
    Press/Sit Up circuit 30#

    Felt good today. An extra day of rest (missed Sunday’s workout) helped. Squats felt good. As with the pause snatches from a few workouts ago. The mechanics on the pause cleans felt strange today.

    Continuing to work on flexibility to increase external rotation in my hips. I’m hoping that over time my new standing workstation helps with the tightness in my hamstrings and hip flexors. My right elbow pain is improving a lot. Still not 100% but moving in the right direction.

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