Thursday 7/24

next week the volume gets turned down even more. You’ve earned it.

Quick note on WARM-UPs: Warm-ups shouldn’t take a half hour. 10 minutes will suffice. Emphasize the joints/muscles that will be used in the workout and get MOVING aka more dynamic and less static. The idea is to WARM up. Get your hands on a bar and warm-up with the actual movements. Take it seriously because it’s hard to get in and lift when you’re injured, folks.


  • squat @76% x5 x3


  • close-grip bench @60% x3 x7
  • 2-board close-grip bench @85% x5 x3, @60% x10
  • pull-ups x20-30 (accumulative)


  • 2 jerk dips + jerk –> heavy single
  • 1 1/4 FS @60% x3 x4
  • pull-ups x20-30 (accumulative)


SATURDAY NIGHT: everyone is invited to downtown shenanigans before both Jon and Elizabeth move up to the DC/Metro area next week.

and SUNDAY 7/27 after class join us at Beer Run for post-lifting drinks, grub, and good-bye hugs.

1 thought on “Thursday 7/24

  1. A short, steep de-load leading into maxes this weekend

    Squat – 80
    Double Jerk Dip + Jerk – up to 55 (Love this combo. Like magic for my jerk!)
    Front Squat – 55 (Got lazy and left the plates on the bar)
    20 Pull Ups

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