Sunday 7/27

**after you lift, let’s head to BEER RUN with Jon and Elizabeth and all the strong peeps! From barbells to beers and burgers!!**

PL (note: you are maxing your DL a week from today):

  • deadlift @55% x4, @65% x4, @75% x3 x2, @85% x3x 2, @90% x2 x3
  • shoulder press @65% x6, @75% x5, @85% x2 x2, @90% x2
  • barbell curl –> 3RM

OL (note: you are maxing your FS a week from today):

  • FS @60% x5, @70% x5, @75% x4 x2
  • snatch pull @60% x3, @70% x3, @80% x2 x3
  • shoulder press –> heavy triple

2 thoughts on “Sunday 7/27

  1. Posting on Monday from the gym in the hope that Elizabeth and Forney see this before they blow town

    Back Squat – 125 PR +3
    Split Jerk – 70 PR +2

    Took a run at a 128 squat but started going forward out of the hole not up. Scott and Dave, my able spotters, saved my bacon.

    Finally used the nice bars and plates for the jerks. Had a miss at 70, then got under ugly, then finally got under it right.

    Jon and Elizabeth – thanks so much for all you’ve done. Best of luck with life’s adventures. Come back and see us. We’ll do you proud.

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