Tuesday 7/29


  • squat @83% x3 x2


  • incline DB press x10 x3
  • 4x circuit:
    -empty barbell curl xME
    -seated Good Mornings x6 (light)
    -ab roll-outs x5-10


  • pause (b.kn.) snatch @70% x2 x3 (% of best pause snatch)
  • pause (b.kn.) clean @70% x2 x3 (% of best pause clean)
  • b.t.n split press 3×5

3 thoughts on “Tuesday 7/29

  1. Squats @80k
    Snatch @50k
    Clean @70k
    BTN split press @40k

    Coming off 3 days of rest/recovery I was expecting to have a better day than I did. Hips were feeling good after warm up, ok during squats, and back to shit when I got to snatches. I’m beginning to think that I’m internally rotating my femurs when I reach the bottom position and begin to ascend from a squat. Perhaps this explains why strictly pushing movements like deadlifts don’t cause any pain but any type of squat does. Going to work on some band external rotation exercises and hip adduction and see if this is the problem. Power snatched and cleaned for the day. Felt pretty good, getting better at not throwing my hips forward.

  2. Squats: 103KG
    Incline DB Press: 45lbs. ea

    The squats felt better than ever. Hamstring flexibility seems to be the crux of my mobility issues (Thanks Patrick for the assistance!). As long as I spend time stretching them before lifting, the knee pain is gone.

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