Thursday 7/31

EVERYBODY (note: you are maxing your squat a week from today!)

  • back squat @78% x5 x1


PL (note: you are maxing your bench press a week from today):

  • close-grip bench @65% x3 x6
  • 2-board close-grip bench @90% x5 x3, @60% x8
  • stretch

OL (note: you are maxing your rack jerk a week from today):

  • 2FS + jerk @80% (of whichever is lighter) x1 x3
  • stretch

Rest well this weekend and plan for the following heavy single days to complete the SUMMER SWOLESTICE Cycle —

PL: Sunday (DL), Thursday (BS, BP)

OL: Sunday (FS), Thursday (BS, jerk)

Don’t be afraid to come Saturday or Tuesday, but do plan to come — no, BRING IT — Sunday and Thursday!

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