Saturday 8/2

testing week… but first a little more deload


  • bench press (no board)@90% x1 x3
  • box squat x2 x10 (40-50%, rest 1 minute)
  • band pull-aparts, stretch hamstrings


  • snatch complex [snatch pull + hang snatch] x1 x3 @70-75%
  • clean complex [clean pull + hang clean] x1 x3 @70-75%
  • band pull-aparts, seated DB press

1 thought on “Saturday 8/2

  1. Rough at best today, but hips and feet eventually got on board with one another..

    Snatch “complex”: 70 kilos (I attempted to do mental math since I left the cellular in the car)

    Clean: 80kg (Previous max when I first go here… and it was so easy)

    40lbs for the curls I mean shoulder press
    and pull aparts

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