Tuesday 8/5


  • shoulder mobility I/Y/T 3×10 each position
  • band stretch for shoulder/lat/tri x30-seconds each position


  • shoulder press @70% x5, @80% x5, @90% x4 x2, @95% x2 (*if you made all your reps and feel like going for a 1kg PR, now is the time!)


  • bench press x2 x10 (LIGHT. SPEED. ARCH.)


  • squat @70% x3 x3 (pause 1st rep only)
  • accumulate 20-30 pull-ups (or sub 3 sets of 3 negatives)

3 thoughts on “Tuesday 8/5

  1. Good to be back!

    Bench Press – 50
    Squat – 87
    30 ring rows

    Still having elbow pain on my right side. Pull ups hurt, but ring rows didn’t.

    Lost some of my limited flexibility and mobility during my week away.

  2. Bench 60kg- sorta loved this
    Squats- 120 (70% of 170) for 1 and that hurt like… so I went to 100 and paused for a solid 5-8 seconds at the bottom.
    20 cover-eyes-kids-its-awful pull ups. However I never gave up. So I’m proud about that.

    Airrsoti hopefully Tomorrow or Friday to get some hip work maybe max tomorrow (Thursday), Friday or Saturday

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