Thursday 8/7: SQUAT TEST

You made it! Come prepared to lift heavy, mmkay?


  • back squat — MAX*


  • bench press — MAX (please use a spotter)


  • rack jerk — MAX (jerk blocks are your friend)


  • post results to the world!

*on this backsquat max attempt please be SMART about your attempts. If your previous max was 150kg please don’t go straight for 160kg, or even 155kg. Go for 151kg first (you’ll get it, don’t worry), THEN go for 155+ or so, depending how that feels. If you’re unsure how best to warm-up or what weight to attempt next, ask your coach (make sure the coach is watching the first heavy attempt, though!).


And thus we conclude the Summer of Swole.



4 thoughts on “Thursday 8/7: SQUAT TEST

  1. Wasn’t feeling very fresh and energetic tonight but:

    Squat 126 PR (+1 from last Monday’s PR) – This was a grinder, so I called it a day and didn’t attempt 128. Sorry, Elizabeth.
    Jerk 74 PR (+4 from last Monday’s PR)

    Lots of room for improvement in my jerk, but, as I think we all know, the biggest problem is in my head. Need to build my confidence getting under the bar on all my classic lifts. Still, I made a lot of progress on this cycle and am happy with how it worked out.

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