Saturday 8/9: 10RM! Start of a new cycle

Nice work on your PR’s this past week!  I know Elizabeth and Jon are proud of the progress you made, so keep tracking your accomplishments on the blog so they can keep up with how you’re doing.  If you were unable to max out on Tuesday or Thursday, you can come in this weekend to test your maxes, but try to get in for these 10RM testing days – we will be building off these numbers later in the week for our strength work.  Jordan is programming the new cycle, which will last about 4 weeks.  Track your progress every session, and pay attention to your recovery.  Ask questions if you have them!

Important notes on testing your 10RM:

  • You should not attempt a set of 10 until it’s a test set .. warm up smart.
  • Every week the first test set attempt should be higher than last week’s best


  • Push press, build to a 10RM!
    • Back off 10% and do x10 x3
  • Back Squat, build to a 10RM!
    • Back off 10% and do x10 x3
  • Bench Press, warm up to 55%, AMRAP in 5 minutes
  • Shoulder Press, warm up to 50%, AMRAP in 5 minutes


  • Planks – 25 seconds holds HEAVY x 3 sets

Warm up efficiently today – you should be able to get through everything no problem within the allotted time.





6 thoughts on “Saturday 8/9: 10RM! Start of a new cycle

  1. Partial makup for Thursday. Knees were a bit trashed from all the running this week, so I just worked on max for BP and mobilizing knees and hips.

    New 1RM for Bench = 96KG (+11)

    Will try to do BS with week.

  2. Push Press – 45 then back off to 40
    Squat – 87 then back off to 80
    Bench Press – 33 reps at 40
    Shoulder Press – 29 reps at 27
    Planks – 40

  3. Squat Max- 160kg… 24kg from my old PR
    Push Press- 45kg 3×10
    Bench- 45kg 5min AMRAP 70reps

    My Hip is the current limiting factor. Hopefully some rest will do me some good.

  4. PP – 52.2kg 10RM, 43.1 working sets
    BS – 104.5kg10RM, 97.7 working sets
    bench – 61.3kg for 45 reps
    strict press – 29.5kg for 41 reps
    plank – 20.4kg

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