Sunday 8/10


DAY 2!

Important notes on testing your 10RM:

  • You should not attempt a set of 10 until it’s a test set .. warm up smart.
  • Every week the first test set attempt should be higher than last week’s best


  • High hang snatch, build to a 5RM!
    • Back off 10% x5x3
  • Snatch deadlift, build to a 10RM!
    • Back off 10% x10x3
  • Bent over row, warm up to 55%, AMRAP in 5 minutes
  • Pull-up (strict), AMRAP in 5 minutes (use assistance as needed or do ring rows)


  • Side Planks – 25 seconds holds/side with weight x 3 sets

Warm up efficiently today – you should be able to get through everything no problem within the allotted time.


2 thoughts on “Sunday 8/10

  1. Still recovering from tendinitis in my right elbow.

    H.H. Snatch – 34 then 30
    Snatch Grip DL – 70 then 64 (with straps)
    Bent Row – 50 reps at 34
    Ring Pulls – 34
    Side Planks – with a small black sandbag for loading (no idea of the weight)

  2. H.H. Snatch – 36kg X 4 sets
    Snatch Deadlift – 70kg 10RM then 61kg X 3 sets <—-harder than it looked on paper
    Bent over row – 76 reps at 20kg
    Pullups – 2 strict then 24 with purple band<——-zero "pull" left when the timer said go. No grip, no lats, no traps inferior, no rhomboids, no arms..NO PULL left!

    Solid Viking workout, coach. Keep em coming.

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