Thursday 8/14

Important notes on testing your 10RM:

  • You should not attempt a set of 10 until it’s a test set .. warm up smart.
  • Every week the first test set attempt should be higher than last week’s best


  • High hang clean, build to a 5RM!
    • Back off 10% x5x3
  • Clean deadlift, build to a 10RM!
    • Back off 10% x10x3
  • Bent over row, warm up to 55%, AMRAP in 5 minutes – GET MORE REPS!
  • Pull-up (strict), AMRAP in 5 minutes (use assistance as needed or do ring rows) – GET MORE REPS!

Warm up efficiently today – you should be able to get through everything no problem within the allotted time.

1 thought on “Thursday 8/14

  1. HH Clean – 60 (reps were really ugly) then 50 (technique much better, for me)
    Clean DL – 90 then 80
    Bent Row – 63 reps @ 34
    Ring Rows – 44 (still protecting right elbow tendinitis)

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