Sunday 8/17

Important notes on testing your 10RM:

  • You should not attempt a set of 10 until it’s a test set .. warm up smart.
  • Every week the first test set attempt should be higher than last week’s best


  • Push press, build to a 10RM, then -10%/10×4
  • Back Squat, build to a 10RM, then -10%/10×4
  • Bench Press, warm up to 55% + a little more than last time, AMRAP in 5 minutes
  • Shoulder Press, warm up to 50% + a little more than last time, AMRAP in 5 minutes


  • Planks – 25 seconds holds HEAVY x 3 sets

Warm up efficiently today – you should be able to get through everything no problem within the allotted time.

3 thoughts on “Sunday 8/17

  1. Push Press – 47 then 42
    Squat – 90 then 81
    Bench – 38 reps @ 42 kg
    Press – 19 reps @ 30 kg
    Planks – 40

    Added 2 kg on the Push Press and Bench and 3 kg on Squat and Press. Got far fewer reps on each AMRAP than last Tuesday. I was pretty tired by the time I finished the push presses and squats.

    Need to be more efficient in my warm ups and rest breaks – this one took about 1:45 to complete.

    Just finished eating an entire roast chicken, about half a pound of greens (cooked weight), and 3 tomatoes. I’m still hungry.

  2. PP – 4 X 52.1 There’s more in the tank for set 1, need to figure out the actual max weight
    BS – 1 @ 102, 3 @ 95
    BP – 48 reps @ 63.5. More weight, more reps this week. This stuff works!
    SP – 56 reps @ 29.4. Need to add weight next time
    Planks – 20kg

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