Tuesday 8/19

Important notes on testing your 10RM:

  • You should not attempt a set of 10 until it’s a test set .. warm up smart.
  • Every week the first test set attempt should be higher than last week’s best


  • High hang snatch, build to a 5RM, then -10%/5×3
  • Snatch deadlift, build to a 10RM, then -10%/10×4
  • Bent over row, warm up to 55%+ a little more, AMRAP in 5 minutes
  • Pull-up (strict), AMRAP in 5 minutes (use assistance as needed or do ring rows)


  • Side Planks – 25 seconds holds/side with weight x 3 sets


3 thoughts on “Tuesday 8/19

  1. Hi Hang Snatch – 38, 40, 41 (x4X), 37
    Snatch Grip DL – 95, 100, 102 (x7X), 92, 92
    Bent Row – 55 reps @40
    Ring Row – 44 reps
    Side Plant – with small green sandbag

    Failed on the last rep of the 3d set of h.h. snatch and used that as my max weight. Straps kept getting loose on the deadlifts. Had a hard time keeping my back tight on the DLs, especially on the negative. No pain today, fortunately.

    Increased weight on all lifts from Aug. 10
    +7kg on h.h. snatch (from 34 to 41)
    +30kg on sgdl (no, that’s not a typo – from 70 to 100)
    +6kg and 5 reps on bent row

    • Hah! I wish. Was able to get after this one harder because of the day of rest between max sessions. On 8/10 I dialed it back because I was still thrashed from the 8/9 max day. That being said, I do feel like I’m getting better adjusted to the higher volume and I’m not as concerned about getting after it more intensely. The AMRAPs have yet to come around though.

      Great to see you are joining us for all the “fun”.

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