Tuesday 8/26


  • Push Press, build to a 10RM!, then -10%/10×4
  • Back Squat, build to a 10RM!, then -10%/10×4
  • Bench Press, 55%+ a little more, AMRAP in 5 minutes – GET MORE REPS!
  • Shoulder Press, 50%+ a little more, AMRAP in 5 minutes – GET MORE REPS!


Planks, 25 second hold x 3 sets, HEAVY!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday 8/26

  1. Push Press – 50, 52 (x8X), 45x10x3 (Failed last rep of 2d set at 45)
    Back Squat – 90, 92, 85x10x3
    Bench Press – 36 reps at 42
    Press- 23 reps at 30

    +3kg on Push Press and +2 kg on Back Squat from 8/17. No change on bench reps and +2 press reps from 8/17.

    Back was getting tight and it was late so I skipped planks.

    I think I need to eat more. My energy has been lacking in the gym.

    • Geoff, think of this cycle as cardio almost, but then you also have the heavy lifting. You need to eat A LOT on this cycle to help your body meet the demands you’re putting on it. Make sure you’re getting at least your daily protein intake, and start to up your fat (dense calories are awesome) and carb count (good complex carbs). I recommend a big breakfast full of protein and fat. It will boost your intake in both right away, and also help satiate you longer throughout the first part of the day. Start adding the carbohydrates in at lunch, and more while lifting, and tons after (and more protein mmmm protein).

      When in doubt, protein shakes and coffee! Energy like whoa.

  2. PP -50kg 10RM, 54.5, 56.5(new 10RM PR), 50
    BS – 110kg 10RM(new 10RM PR), then 10 X 4 @ 100kg. This particular exercise is an absolute killer. Nothing left after set 5. It’s nearly crossfit!
    BP AMRAP – 65KG @ 50 reps. I suppose this a PR. I can’t properly single this weight in a snatch, but ok, I can bench.
    SP AMRAP – 32kg @ 40 reps. Delts.zapped.

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