Sunday 8/31


  • High hang clean, build to a 5RM!, then -10%/5×4
  • Clean deadlift, build to a 10RM!, then -10%/10×4
  • Bent over row, build to 55%/AMRAP-5mins MORE REPS!!
  • Pull-up, AMRAP-5 mins (use assistance or rings as necessary), MORE REPS!!


3 thoughts on “Sunday 8/31

  1. AWESOME workout today, guys!! Everyone did a great job! Let’s keep the intensity up for the last few workouts of this cycle and start getting motivated for the start of the big 9 week strength cycle starting next Saturday!

  2. HHCL – 50kg, 50, 60, 65, 50
    CLDL – 90, 100, 110, 100, 100
    Rows AMRAP – 53 @ 50kg
    pullups – 9 strict singles, 17 self-spotted with box

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