Saturday 9/6


  • Snatch, 75%/2×3, 80%/1×2
  • Squat, 80%/2×6
  • Clean, 70%/2×3
  • Shoulder press, 65%/8×4
  • Weighted planks – 3 sets of 20 seconds

Notes: Quick reminder on notation – weights are written as Weight (percentage)/reps x sets

3 thoughts on “Saturday 9/6

  1. Snatch – 42X2X3, 44X1X2
    Squat – 100X2X6
    Clean – 50X2X3
    Strict Press – 34X8X4 (failed on the last rep of last 2 sets – probably a little too heavy)
    Planks – 40

    Today I think I really saw the benefit of the 10s. I recovered much more quickly between sets than I did before the 10s, and I was able to work efficiently through the movements.

    I also experimented with a slightly closer grip on both the snatch and clean. A small change made a big difference for me. The lifts felt much smother and more fluid with the closer grip.

    Considering that I was pretty hung over today (TMI?) I was really impressed with how fun and productive this workout was for me.

  2. Snatch – 38X2X3, 40X1X2
    Squat – 116X2X6
    Clean – 50X2X3
    Strict Press – 50X8X4
    Planks – 40

    Old people and their injuries. “Tennis elbow.” More like, golf, oly and computer all day elbow. Hope to see you guys this weekend.

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