Tuesday 9/30 Plus Some Announcements

Our friends at Airrosti will be giving Complimentary Pain and Injury Assessments on Oct. 7th and 9th from 5-7pm at Crossfit Charlottesville! Please click HERE to sign up or call (210) 283-2457. Assessments will take 20minutes.

IA Social Media Image 4



  • Clean, 81/2×3, 86/1×2
  • Squat, 80/6×6
  • Jerk, 76/2×3
  • Bench Press, 70/8×4
  • Weighted side planks – 3 sets of 30s each side



2 thoughts on “Tuesday 9/30 Plus Some Announcements

  1. Clean – 56, 60
    Squat – 100
    Jerk – 56
    Bench – 50
    Side Plank – 20

    Squats were a challenge. Jerks were more challenging after the squats because my legs were shot. Tough time sleeping last night – I was wired from working out and had a hard time settling down.

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